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Our Story

About The Founder: Robert S. Johnston

Special Needs Planning, LLC was founded due to Robert’s (Bob) passion for advocating and making sure that those families like his own with special needs would be taken care of. Bob became disabled while he was still in college and at the prime of his life. He was standing between two parallel parked cars and a driver crashed into the first of the parked cars, pushing them together, and, consequently, Bob was caught in the middle. Having to go through numerous surgeries, rehab, etc. he became an advocate for himself and for his fellow students who were disabled as this was before the American Disabilities Act even existed. Fast forward about 30 years and Bob was again called to advocacy when his son, Harley, was diagnosed with Autism. As someone who had dealt with physical disabilities of his own, Bob became extremely involved with and served on numerous boards of non-profit organizations that helped families like his with members with special needs. With these challenges and experiences in Bob’s life, Special Needs Planning, LLC was born to advise and guide other families to help them understand and prepare to take care of their special needs loved ones through financial planning.

Special Needs Planning, LLC. Today

As a business owner, Bob began thinking about the future of his business and his clients as he realized that he is advancing in age. Over the years he had considered multiple potential successors, but he realized that he had found the right succession partner in Paul Brokenshire, ChSNC. Paul’s passion for special needs sparked in 2017 when a close friend’s little brother was in a serious motorcycle accident. Paul remembers his childhood friend reaching out and asked him to “pray for Brendan.” Due to the motorcycle crash, Brendan had become disabled, and he wanted to know how to help. At this time, Paul and Bob became close and began to form a deeper relationship beyond their professional one. Paul’s knowledge of the financial industry and his passion to be an advocate for others made him the natural best fit to continue Bob’s practice upon his retirement at the end of 2022 and help those in the special needs community who still need guidance.

Paul Brokenshire, ChSNC: The Current Face of Special Needs Planning, LLC

Paul is a highly qualified and experienced financial professional who is not only an advocate for those in the special needs community, but also works with a larger client base with his founding partners through his team Meridian Wealth + Retirement. To learn more about Paul, his main practice, Meridian Wealth + Retirement, and his professional achievements, please click on the link below.